Yet another personnal blog

Various notes about some adventures in the digital era, and more.

My very first article

A blog to keep all my every day tips at hand. This will be turned into HTML.

This blog is designed with Pelican : a static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax. Pelican is powered by Python : the best language in the world ! ;-)

This blog is crafted with Microsoft Visual Code. I never thought I will write something like this, having thought that only crappy software has ever been produced at Redmond. But Gates and Balmer are gone and things have changed. Evolve or die. Open source was viewed as a cancer by those guys. Now, it is part of the game, for the best. Visual Code is a good code editor available on Linux, MacOS and of course Windows. Open source and highly plugable, it has a rich evolving ecosystem.

This blog will be a good opportunity :

  • to enhance my skills in many fields, like Markdown and reStructuredText markups.
  • to keep track in one place of a lot of technical stuffs I tend to do/install and then forget.
  • to share some knowledge.
  • to get away from companies like FaceBook and the likes. This will require to allow comments in this blog : a new entry in my todo list.